Power to Empower

Our youth are facing challenges that today’s adults did not have to face in their childhood. Technology is growing faster than the public’s wisdom to use it. Life Skills for youth can help them adapt to this new technology by educating them in areas that have the most impact on their lives. By mentoring our youth, we ensure our future, by aiding them in becoming the leaders in that future. Our community’s future rests in our hands today. Life Skills for Youth is committed to helping the community by mentoring tomorrow’s citizens today.

In 2015, READ built capacity of more than 1300 Youth through Life-skills, career counseling, personality development workshops, English communication and Sports for Development Workshops. READ Volunteers and Interns also provided support by conducting regular activities with youth at READ Centers.

These workshops helped the youth in:

Understanding themselves through self-reflection

Identify their strengths – What they are good at and what positive qualities they possess

Examining the relationship between values and behavior

Understand the physical and emotional changes that happen during different stages of life

Clarify their misconceptions about sex and sexuality; and understand how these myths and misconceptions can harm them.

Preparing for entrance exams and choose the most suitable career with advice from experts in Career Counseling workshops.

Becoming Community Leaders through the Sports for Development Program and help school children learn life skills in turn, through various sports activities.