Livelihood and Women Empowerment

READ India works to ensure that people from the most marginalized communities are empowered, live in dignity, and have secure livelihoods, allowing them to support their household and community.

READ India focuses on empowering women by building their skills, capacities and assets, and creating an enabling environment with stakeholders committed to their socio-economic development.

  • Training courses involving various Livelihood Programs are organized depending on the existing local skills of the women. Their capacity was built by giving advanced trainings based on the chosen craft.
  • 1200 women participated in courses for Sewing and Stitching, Beauty Culture & Wellness, Nursery Teacher’s Training, Handicraft Production work, Zari Zardosi etc.




Empowered leaders in making..!!

In 2018, more than 1775 women were trained on leadership and legal rights.


Ignorant no more..!!

More than 239 women received training on legal rights, human rights, land rights, voting and government services.


Conquered over social evils..!!

By participating in the awareness trainings on advocacy, child marriage, dowry, female infanticide.


Rose above discriminations..!!

More than 1344 women received trainings on confidence building, leadership, civic partnership and gender equality.


Exhibitions in 2015


READ India participated in Dastakar Design Fair, an annual retail exhibition that attracts thousands of urban consumers each year. A wide range of products including home furnishings, furniture and apparel (created by women under Skills to Succeed program) were showcased at the event. The response from the visitors was great and 90 percent of the inventory was sold out in 13 days.The products were made out of locally available indigenous materials, and were appreciated for innovation in design and creativity as well as the effort put in and the story behind their production. The exhibition led to an increase in the flow of inquiries coming in; the women who were engaged in the production began receiving fresh orders with a sharp increase in demand.


The Navras event was organised at IP University, Delhi, where products created by the women from the Geejgarh and Deoli villages were beautifully displayed. The women demonstrated their method of using local raw materials and how it has been converted into a craft.The event offered good exposure for these women who had never even stepped out of their homes freely before, but still presented their skills in front of an urban audience. Their efforts were lauded by the visitors and esteemed dignitaries from various social, pedagogical backgrounds.

A Story of Change

Taufa Devi happily leads the basketry training sessions…

80-year-old, READ Center user, Taufa Devi, is the oldest yet most active Skills to Succeed participant. At first, her family was not keen on her participating, partly due to their concerns about her age, but also largely due to their existing prejudices about traditional women’s roles.Before this, Taufa rarely even stepped outside her home. Despite her family’s resistance, Taufa Devi decided to become a part of the program because of the absolute joy she felt while working with basketry. Today, she is a Head Trainer for Skills to Succeed basketry trainings and is empowering other women to earn income and take charge of their own futures. She’is the first one in and the last one out every day!

Today, she is a Head Trainer for Skills to Succeed basketry trainings and is empowering other women to earn income and take charge of their own futures. She’is the first one in and the last one out every day!

From a Village to Five Star AAROHAN

In 2015, READ India under Skills to Succeed Project planned to create a pool of women trained in handicrafts for a period of 6 months. Our main objective was to create employment opportunities for women living in isolated rural communities.  There is immense potential and ambition hidden in these communities that have never been explored, so we endeavored to help these women build their business and design skills, and then give their skills a platform.

AAROHAN was READ India’s platform for rural women to showcase various products made using indigenous skills. These products were culmination of years of intervention by professional designers, skill enhancement programs & empowerment. It provided a unique opportunity to designers, corporates, export houses and retailers to interact & forge partnerships. It was also a platform to launch Craft-Kosh. Craft Kosh is a separate entity which channelizes retail communications for all the different products created at all READ integrated communities. The Craft –Kosh launches itself with three sub categories – Hard Furnishing, Soft furnishing and Apparel.

The event showcased five centers of READ India which underwent Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Program: Geejgarh for its Basketry, Devli for its Cot- knitting and Dari-making, Wazirabad and Jhajjar for their advanced Stitching and Knitting skills, and Rampur for its intricate Zari Zardosi handwork.

We received over 80 guests and the audience and invitees largely comprised of various Market channels which expressed interest in the products, including designers, architects, export houses, furnishing stores etc.

We also received support from Educational institutes, other social group bodies and NGOs. Representatives from each of the five centers were invited to participate in the event to witness the love and appreciation with which their work was received.