READ India uses Information and Communication Technology to disseminate information and services to the rural communities, to help develop them and assist them in becoming autonomous and self-sustaining. Computer courses and training in photography, voice recording and audio- video programs are another part of our ICT Section.


Villagers had access to computers and the internet through READ Centers.


Beneficiaries were trained on internet and basic computer



Beneficiaries participated in Radio trainings



Youth were trained on designing Digital Stories and Audio-Visual Programs, subsequently making programs focused on social issues and narrowcasting them through Mobile Technology.


A Story of Change

Journey from a Library Reader to a Trainer

Priyanka Saini, 23 years old, lives in Shahbad Mohammadpur Village, Dwarka, New Delhi. There are five members in her family, including her parents, two elder brothers and herself. After completing school she joined a 1 year computer course at an institute in Delhi, during which would vsit the READ India Model Center Library to read books.
One day, the Center Coordinator told her about a vacancy for the position of computer trainer at the READ Center, and asked if she would be interested in joining. Priyanka applied for it with much enthusiasm and was selected for the job. Since then, she has trained more than 100 children in basic computer literacy.
She officially joined the Center in 2012 and has been working with us since. In 2013, READ India formed a partnership with American Indian Foundation for a program known as “Adobe Youth Voices”, under which Priyanka was trained as an Educator (Master Trainer) to further train children in Movie Making Skills.

She oversaw one batch of 30 children in a one year course. Based on her excellent performance, American Indian Foundation and Adobe provided her with a fully sponsored 6 months course in Graphic Designing. Till that period, Priyanka was associated with READ Model Center as a Volunteer. Alongside this, she took up a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Karnataka State University, through the READ India RIRK Center’ Programme for Distance Learning. She is currently in her final year of graduation.

After completing the Graphic Designing Course, she joined Model Center as a Librarian; she was given intensive training on Library Management, Technical Processing of Books. She not only manages the Library at Model Center but has also become a Master Trainer, training other Center staff in Library Science Management and ICT Programmes.Priyanka has become a role model, having transformed her life, using her strengths and guidance from READ.

Through READ India, I got the opportunity to learn new skills and teach those skills to children of my village. My Communication skills and self-confidence has also improved.