Read India is committed to delivering quality health care services to marginalized communities and ensuring their overall well-being.

In a country where health services rarely reach the intended recipients, health is a major issue in rural India. The READ Centers try to address various health concerns and conduct programs to meet the needs of the communities.

We create partnerships with local health experts of rural regions to organize workshops on preventive measures, and link the communities with neighboring hospitals. We also coordinate with health practitioners who volunteer their services at regular intervals, and conduct various health awareness camps and health check-ups for the community members.



Our Stats


villagers got free health checkups through Health Camps organized at READ Centers



women & adolescent girls and 156 men participated in health awareness workshops on sanitation, reproductive health (women and children), immunization and vaccination



Beneficiaries received trainings on various health issues during the year.



Women participated in the training on Reproductive and Child Health at READ Centers



Beneficiaries interacted with health experts and participated in health camps


Experts and Specialized Doctors along with their team conducted these awareness workshops and health camps. Helpers for Hospitals and Nursing Homes Training was organized at Dada Roop Chand Gyan Kendra in Jhajjar, Haryana and at the READ Model Center in Shahbad Mohammadpur, Dwarka-Delhi, in which a total of 82 women participated. Additionally, The majority of them found employment through placement in nearby Hospitals. READ India, with the support of Perkins India, constructed washrooms for girls in Government Schools in 6 villages of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Washrooms for Girls in the Government Schools

The lack of access and availability of washrooms is a prevalent problem in many rural areas across India. Women have been disproportionately affected due to the risk of contracting UTIs. They are also prone to sexual assault in outdoor situation, when they are quite vulnerable. Female students and menstruating teenagers in particular are often absent or drop out when appropriate washroom facilities are not made available at their schools. In the interest of protecting these students and other women villagers, READ India thus became involved in the construction of washrooms in the following villages in Aurangabad:
1. Zila Parisad Primary School, Satana
2. Zila Parisad Primary School, Bhamburda
3. Zila Parisad Central Primary School, Karmad
4. Zila Parisad Primary School, Mangarul
5. Zila Parisad Primary School, Nagonichiwadi
6. Zila Parisad School, Ladgaon

With the support and quality designs of architects from Perkins Ltd., READ India has provided young girls with a safe environment for their hygiene needs, which has in turn encouraged them to pursue an education with the knowledge that these basic facilities are at hand. On the 25th of September, the constructed washrooms were ceremonially handed over to the schools by Mrs. Geeta Malhotra, Country Director, READ India, along with the Perkins Team and local stakeholders of the community. The event was also honored by the presence of Perkins Ltd.’s Mr. Amit Kharke, HR Manager, and Mr. Souman Biswas, Head of HR. The project was a great success and has helped secure the future of many girls. READ India now plans to expand this project to more villages, and has already decided on the locations, which includes Dudhada, Gadejalgaon, Jaypore, Georia, Tongaon, Vadkha and Gulatgaon Villages in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.