India is a nation filled with diversity, made up of numerous cultures, traditions and practices co-existing, cooperating and complimenting each other. With the abundance of natural resources scattered across the country, one can find many artisans who use these resources to createtraditional crafts. These specialists make do with the available material to eke a living, but the returns are nowhere near enough to sustain them continually.

Their knowledge of the market is limited to their local village, which prevents them from exploiting more profitable avenues. To stabilize their families, many often fall prey to the jaws of money lenders who charge exorbitant interest rates and use questionable methods to reclaim their loans.

After establishing a READ Center, READ India helps villagers establish start-up enterprises which make use of the existing skills in the community and transform them into reliable sources of income. Rather than imposing new skills and abilities on the community members, we strengthen the talents of each individual to let them earn a decent living while also allowing them to contribute and sustain the Center.