READ India believes education is a tool for empowerment, developing an identity, and enables girls to create spaces for themselves within their families and communities.

Education is the key to empowering women and girls from marginalized communities. READ India’s education interventions aim to improve reading and writing habits, while also offering courses such as English learning and digital learning, coaching classes, and early childhood education. Approximately 3,400 children, youth and women have participated in various educational programs and training conducted at READ Centers.





2018 by Numbers



In 2018, more than 10,282 beneficiaries were trained under literacy and educational programmes.




Youth received training on literacy education




Youth participated in reading and writing programs



Beneficiaries received training under adult literacy program



Children received informal education under early childhood development



Women were trained for art and craft



Were trained under environment education


A Story of Change

Vishnu Sharma, Rural Education and Development Center, Wazirabad, Gurgaon

education2Vishnu Sharma is a young 6th class student, a resident of the Wazirabad villlage, and a child with a bright and creative mind. When the READ Center was established, he was the first child to enrol himself for the computer classes, and even took the effort toconvince his friends to join as well. The interest in computers grew because of Vishnu’s enthusiasm for the course.
He used to be a shy and timid child in his school; he would not interact with his classmates nor would he participate in the classroom activities, all stemming from a lack of confidence. He began visiting the READ Center 3 months back and is now a regular student in the class. Although he was reserved at first, gradually, he began to interact with his classmates and his computer trainer. He asks about doubts while in classes and answers the teacher’s questions, always at the forefront to participate in the activities held at the Center. The change became clear as even his friends have seen a tremendous difference in his confidence-levels.

Vishnu has a passion for reading, he loves both simple stories and inspirational ones. He reads in the READ Library every day and has checked-out books to bring them home as well. He performed very well in his computer class test and even issued computer books from the library to study up on his own. He enjoys exploring science books and books which give him something new to ponder over, that are innovative in nature. He spends an hour, minimum, in the READ library where he gets a chance to challenge his knowledge and reading skills. Vishnu is one among many children who have transformed their lives after coming to the READ Center. They take the chance given to them and make the best use of their abilities. READ accolades such enthusiasm and brilliance and works to encourage it further.