Advancement of Librarianship (SATKAL) for the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 to Dr Geeta Malhotra, Country Director, READ India, at National Conference on Rediscovering Ranganathan in the Digital Era

Dr. Geeta Malhotra, Country Director of READ India received prestigious award Satinder Kaur Ramdev Memorial Trust for Advancement of Librarianship- SATKAL Lifetime Achievement Award 2019″ on August 27, 2019 at the Punjabi University , Patiyala in a National Conference on ‘Rediscovering Dr. Ranganathan in the Context of Media and Information Literacy’.

It is as a matter of great pride for everyone, right from the founder Trustees to staff members of READ INDIA through Dr. Geeta Malhotra because this honour is a recognition of work and commitment of all.

Educating children, women, youth; taking care of elderly population of the rural society; teaching literacy and numeracy to the non-literate women, training women on life skills, suitable jobs and creating suitable platforms for their small enterprises; educating farmers by connecting them to good resources who can educate them about the new methods, techniques to produce good crops; gender sensitization through training and workshops; caring for tangible and intangible cultures (and heritage) ; educating adolescent girls about health and hygiene, establishing crèche and pre schools for the children, that too at par with the most sophisticated and professionally managed schools in the rural areas with very nominal fee structure, establishing a few and very effective centres for Differently able children are the activities that READ has been doing in 12 STATES through its 40 plus Community Library and Resource Centres. The objective is how to connect Library and Resource Centers with lives of the rural communities and enable them to grow within their own sphere with strong hand holding and empowering programmes.

READ India Libraries are attracting more than 400,000 visitors for various programmes. There is some or the other opportunity for every one in the rural community for engaging them with some activities.

This could only be possible with patience and perseverance of the READ team, the leadership showing the way forward and constant and consistent mentoring roles performed by everyone so that the values and culture reaches the last beneficiary.